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MotoKata Team

MotoKata is being developed in the Pacific Northwest by Beardo Games in collaboration with artists Jenny Graf and Lexie Mason-Davis.

MotoKata Game

Development of MotoKata started when team members saw that famous sword scene from Black Rain (1989) — Sparks fly from the tip of a samurai sword dragged along the pavement by a motorcycle rider, closing on an unarmed opponent.  One team member asked another, “Has there ever been a video game of that?”

From there the concept quickly locked in on fast paced head-to-head dueling between characters swinging weapons while riding at each other on motorcycles—in short, MotoKata is a motorcycle dueling game that is like Nidhogg plus Hang-On.

Set in a 1980’s science fiction world that is equal parts urban decay and post-apocalyptic wasteland, the cast of characters are mashups drawn from a wide range of comics, movies, and and other cultural references.

MotoKata will have single player, 2-player local (split screen), and 2-player network options.  Target platforms include PC/Mac and console.  Best played with dedicated controllers, keyboard controls will also be available for PC/Mac.

Pre-Pre-Production Preview Video (a.k.a. Not a Trailer)

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